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Believe Book 1 : Faith Beyond The Shadows
Authors: Charlene Campfield and Leon Campfield Sr.
ISBN: 9780981702568
Item# 702568C
SRP: $13.99   Church Price: $12.59

Background Information: It wasn't but a few short hours after her birth that Angeleigh Aman St James became an orphan. But she would be raised by her grandmom and 'Nana' was like an angel to Angeleigh. Yet never having met her parents, a painfully empty void kept Angeleigh searching for them for as long as she could remember. Talk on the streets was that her parents were homeless, that her father was a drug dealer, her mother a user. So she would search the eyes of everyone who passed her, in hopes she might recognize their love. Her time after school was spent at the homeless shelter, where she believed her parents might one day enter for something to eat and a warm bed off the city streets. Then one day after experiencing a serious accident, God called her on a mission that would open up her world to an amazing journey reaching the far ends of the globe, a journey of mystery and suspense, a journey of faith, hope, and love. Book 1: Faith Beyond the Shadows is the beginning of her story.

Back Cover Description:  What if-The world was under one government…of clones…in a negative mindset, intent on experimenting with the world’s human population.

What if-Fear was an entity visualized.

What if-Everything you thought, consumed, breathed, and your every movement was controlled by a world power.

What if-Faith was deemed a criminal act.

What if-Only a handful of people remembered God.

What if-?

"Don't be afraid. Just bELIEVE." Mark 5:36 NIV

A viral darkness of mists fostered by the World Court has infected the earth. Cloned beings are replacing humans.
Those humans remaining who still believe in the One True God, join the Mission City Alliance to take down this evil system.
And 17 year old Angeleigh Aman St. James has been chosen to lead in the fight and seek the cure.

The first in a series.
A fast-paced adventure for teens and up.

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So You Think You're Not Important! Are You Kidding?
A Bible Study for the Mis-Informed

Authors: Charlene Campfield and Leon Campfield Sr
ISBN: 9780981702599
Item# 702599C
SRP: $9.99  Church Price: $8.99

rom the back cover-
 "Basically, it comes down to this...When you finally tire of trying to fill the bottomless pit of self,
you've arrived at the end of lost. Now the only way to live is UP!"
(from Chapter Ten)

You are a member of God's family. Yes, you heard it right! As a true believer in Jesus Christ, you are God's child and a member of His family. And do you know what else?  You have a calling!  God gave each of us a very special job to do for Him, to further His Kingdom
 and to give glory to His precious Name. And He's given us all we need to accomplish our tasks.

                      So come out of yourself and come to Him!
 This Bible Study is an introduction to an unbelievable journey of love that awaits you. With questions and answer space on opposite pages.

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A His Kids Adventure
Authors: Charlene Campfield and Leon Campfield Sr.
ISBN: 9780981702544
Item# 702544C
SRP: $11.99   Church Price: $10.79
Description: Join the His Kids in their latest adventure!
When classmates discover they've been given the talents to put a band together, there's no end to the opportunities to spread God's love and open hearts to receive the Lord. So they enter a neighbrhood talents competition! Do they win? How can you lose when you work for the Lord!
Includes one of the His Kids latest hits in sheet music format, a Scripture memory verse, and a link to receive uour very own
His Kids - PRAIZIN His Name certificate and bookmark!

We're All God's Children - A His Kids Adventure
Authors: Charlene Campfield and Leon Campfield Sr.
ISBN: 9780981702506
Item# 702506C
SRP: $11.99    
Church Price: $10.79

Description: Join the His Kids as they have more fun with their favorite activity - Raising money for the homeless using their God-given talents in music. And their music ROCKS!
Includes their latest song in sheet music format, a Scripture memory verse, and a link to receive your very own His Kids - We're All God's Children certificate and bookmark!

ncouraging Young People to further God's Kingdom for His glory
through the generous gifts He gives to each of us.




"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:16





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