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../../../../Pictures/bel 1 new cv 91816.jpgbELIEVE. Book 1: fAITH bEYOND tHE sHADOWS

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             ISBN: 978-0-9817025-6-8
             Format: Trade Paper
                 Page Count: 200
              Our Price: $13.99
5 Star Rating on Amazon

fast paced spiritual adventure for teens and up.

What if-The world was under one government…of clones…in a negative mindset, intent on experimenting with the world’s human population.

What if-Fear was an entity visualized.

What if-Everything you thought, consumed, breathed, and your every movement was controlled by a world power.

What if-Faith was deemed a criminal act.

What if-Only a handful of people remembered God.

What if-?

"Don't be afraid. Just bELIEVE." Mark 5:36 NIV

A viral darkness of mists fostered by the World Court has infected the earth. Cloned beings are replacing humans.
Those humans left who still believe in the One True God, join the Mission City Alliance to take down this evil system.
And 17 year old Angeleigh Aman St. James has been chosen to lead in the fight and seek the cure.

The first in a series.
A fast-paced adventure for teens and up.

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"bELIEVE. is an exciting read for young Christian teenagers."
Midwest Book Review
And readers are saying-
from Beverly of Philadelphia- "A blessing to read."
from James C. - "It's a treasure."
from V.K. - "I can't wait for the sequel. Really, I CAN"T WAIT!"

Retailers: Special Pricing - Purchase 5 copies and receive a 50% Discount OFF the SRP of $13.99!
That's $34.98 for 5 Copies!
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