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../../../../Pictures/bel w reflect.jpgSo You Think You're Not Important?    Are You Kidding?
A Bible Study for the Mis-Informed


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 ISBN: 978-0-9817025-9-9
 Format: Trade paper
 Pages: 74

 from the back cover-

 "Basically, it comes down to this...When you finally tire of trying to fill the bottomless pit of self,
you've arrived at the end of lost.
Now the only way to live is UP!"
(from Chapter Ten)

  You are a member of God's family. Yes, you heard it right! As a true believer in Jesus Christ, you are God's child and a member of His family. And do you know what else?  You have a calling!  God gave each of us a very special job to do for Him, to further His Kingdom
 and to give glory to His precious Name.
And He's given us all we need to accomplish our task.
 So come out of yourself and come to Him!
 This Bible Study is an introduction to an unbelievable journey of love that awaits you.
                                                     With questions and answer space on opposite pages.
                                             Our Price: $9.99

           Retailers: Special Pricing - Purchase 5 copies and receive a 50% Discount OFF the SRP of $9.99!
That's $24.98 for 5 Copies!
                            Email us to open an account


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"Let us walk in the Light of the Lord."
Isaiah 2:5 NIV


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